How to Break into Data Science

I have a STEM degree and a master’s. I loved math and science growing up and still do. I enjoy learning facts about the world, which aligns with my other hobby, investing. All skills which I find are…


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Children Remember so Much

One weekend I traveled to Tennessee to visit our grandchildren without my husband, who was not able to get off work. Alex, our oldest, and I went to the grocery store together to pick up something for lunch.

We were getting ready to get out of the car when he said, “Nana, are you and Papa sorry?”
Startled, I said, “Sorry for what, Alex?”
“Sorry for taking my Grinch toys away from me,” he said.
“What Grinch toys?” I asked him. I couldn’t remember that he had any Grinch toys.
“The ones I got at Burger King,” he answered, looking up at me.

I had to think for a moment, and then I remembered that he had gotten some Grinch toys when we were all together at Thanksgiving. Then it all came back to me.

When our family met in Florida for the previous Thanksgiving holiday, our three grandsons rode in the car with us to Payne’s Park outside of Gainesville. Since there were four families, we had to go in separate cars and follow each other. The three grandsons were in the back seat, and suddenly they weren’t the little angels we thought they would be when we suggested they ride with us.

Our middle grandson was in a bad mood, and kept picking on his big brother. Alex tried to be patient and just kept turning away, but his little brother kept at it the entire trip there.

When we finally reached the park, they played hard, so we figured they would nap on the way back to the condo we had rented. Instead, Donovan started picking on his big brother again.

Suddenly he let out a loud scream, and I turned to see what had happened. He was crying so hard that I couldn’t understand him. I figured Alex had gotten tired of being picked on and pinched him or something. But then I realized the window was rolled down a little. By then I could make out what Donovan was saying. “Alex threw my shoe out the window,” he wailed. We had already come a long ways and in that part of Florida, there are actually alligators on the sides of the road, so we decided it was best not to go back and look for the shoe.

My husband and I mustered up all our sternness and told Alex that we were really disappointed with what he had done, and reminded him that he would have to…

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