Week 1 CFB picks and introduction

College football is back in full force this weekend. Last weekend, we had our appetites whetted by an Australian blow out, Portland State getting frisky with some Mormons and Colorado State being…


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3 Simple Ways To Get More Out Of Every Workout

It’s easier than you think

How can you get more out of every workout? To make progress, you need to be effective with your training. There is no point going to the gym and not feeling sore. Or, going for a 5k run if your legs are as fresh as when you started.

But what can you do to enhance the quality of each session? How do you get the best out of your body and force it to improve? On the one hand, you may need to sacrifice things that are holding you back. At the same time, you need to introduce new elements to your training, which take it to the next level.

Here are three simple ways to get more out of every workout.

Your body can only improve when it needs to adapt to a new stimulus. So to get more out of every workout, you need to work at a higher intensity. Some ways to make each session challenging include:

If you do resistance training, you need to make each exercise more challenging. Lifting heavier weights increases intensity as your muscles need to work harder.

Doing more sets and reps allows you to increase volume. So you can build greater muscular endurance. Not to mention increasing the workload on the body, which can lead to gains. Likewise, decreasing rest times forces you to work at a higher intensity as you have less time to recover.

Training until failure can cause microscopic tears to the muscles. Incurring damage is necessary to build muscle. So, when you rest, your muscles can repair and come back stronger.

Beating previous records is relatable to all forms of exercise. Whenever you get a better score than last time, you tell your body to change and adapt. For example, you may feel a positive change in your cardiovascular fitness when you beat your 5k run score.

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