Avalanche ignites conversation about Eastern Sierra backcountry skiing during a pandemic

A snowboarder who was buried to his neck survived a harrowing avalanche with minor injuries. A rescue call was made even though the party was able to self-evacuate before searchers organized. The…


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The One Quote that You Need to Live By to Have a Great Year

The subtle power of a few words influences your life forever

There is one quote that you need to know that can change your life forever. Motivational speaker Jim Rohn has said this time after time and many people have repeated this quote.

Many people in business or entrepreneurs talk about this quote often. This quote could also be what holds you back in life.

The trend continues by who you decide to spend your time with. The actions of others have a powerful effect on you.

The people you associate with can have a big impact on your life. People influence what you do, how you act, as well as your personal interests. Some of the actions may be obvious while others may be tiny little actions.

When a baby is born, they copy what people say. Over time, they will say their first word because they may have heard the word quite often. The same holds true for people as they get older.

You may notice from time to time, you may start to copy what your friends say. Or they may start to mimic what you have said.

Actions your friends do will encourage you to learn more about that area. Whether it is going to the movies, reading, writing, investing, drinking, and so on, will encourage you to take more actions in these areas.

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