Road to Halloween

On the road to Halloween Leaving for a nowhere trip Digging under the dried leaves bed Foraging the still warm soil Trying to find where has summer gone Once the sun has gone down In an out of the…


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Why I want to a data scientist?

This is all about happenstance. First, I was reading an article on New York Times about Professor George Hinton discovering new way of doing Machine Learning. I was like, whoa, new discovery still happening! Great, loving it. See this great article here (

Now on the specific question of why becoming a data scientist.

Perhaps the romantic notion of being in the flow, just doing statistics and coding. Headset on. Perhaps the aspiration notion of being a data scientist. Perhaps the advancing-human-knowledge notion. That’s a big leap! Perhaps the struggle. I love to struggle.

I don’t know yet because I am still not a machine learning expert, I am still a learning machine (human)

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