The Greatest Joke I Ever Heard in a University Dorm Room

In the summer of 1994, I was back home from my first year of college in Boston, and my parents graciously signed me up for some summer classes at Rutgers. We were housed in a run-down L-shaped dorm…


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I read a phrase saying love cannot keep a marriage.

Really? The love we know does not keep a marriage?

He said a relationship needs compatibility, which is logical compared to love an emotional process.

All these arguments are right in a certain way, relationship works on the verge of knowledge, wisdom, understanding, compatibility. But what if love is an attribute of all?

Moving away from a human to human love, how about loving yourself?

Love is hard, no B.S here. Dealing with humans you have to let go of your desire to please the one you love, especially a desire you hold dear in your heart, though might not be important but bad enough to harm your neighbor.

Love is free and expects nothing in return. It gears towards making people happy and joyous without expecting a penny in return, most times a reciprocated love is what love needs. I imagine love as a force of charity giving more freely to those who seek it.

Love is sacrificial like I said previously about how hard love is. Love hurts and requires you to make a sacrifice; it lets go of pride and desires. Imagine the love of a mother and a child.

But will love let go of personal value? Maybe love will kill bad personal values.

Love forgives and gives back in return. Forgiveness hurts, love is forgiving; it's really hard to forget about the wrongs of others, especially when it has to do with something more emotional to you. How do I forgive myself for all the time I have wasted with my life so far? How do i forgive my neighbor for always pickingup a fight with me? Forgiveness is hard and I tend not to comprehend why the hurt will be so hardened when it comes to forgiveness.

Love seeks knowledge. You cannot love without understanding. To love better you need to understand that love is not just an emotion or a flash in the pan. Love is always learning, trying to find new ways to improve so as to make growth in a relationship, marriage, and personal self. If you love something you will want to make it grow. As human evolves, so will Love seek new knowledge to understand dealing with humans; preparing ahead of hardship, pain, and challenge.

Actually, Love is very beautiful, especially the love of another. We cannot live in this world alone, we have others to make us happy. Like Aristotle will say “ Man is by nature a social animal…

Can we give what we do not have?

To learn to love you ought to start from home: YOU

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