Why we eat ?

We eat food daily to provide our bodies with the necessary nutrients and energy to function properly. Food is the primary source of energy for the human body, and it provides us with the essential…


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Introduction of NG LIN JOO

Hello everyone. How are all of you? I hope all of you are fine, good and happy.

My name is NG LIN JOO in full and Joyous Richeous is my nickname I pick for myself. I love my name as it brings happiness to all of us, yes, all of us. You will know why as you read further. The words we used in our context or conversation do affects our feelings and straight forward thinking. The tone we used also brings out the personal self out of us to let ourselves know each other better and in turn improve our surroundings because it is us that brings out the future in front of us. So be straight with your thoughts and interact intelligently with no worries.

I belongs to the Gemini horoscope born in the 1982 year having my birthday born on the 29th. This horoscope of people reflects double personality and I guess this is why I am a patient. Sounds right? I am a pretty self-conscious person believing in some of the faith that Buddhist carries and Christians carries, again, double personalities? Sounds right again? So I am a Gemini! Haha, so that means I can read the newspaper everyday knowing about what will happens to me if I follow the horoscope tips given in the newspaper. Or from any horoscopic source of reading.

To bring me further as a Gemini, I am half a vegan as a respect to the world and to oneself. I love to watch romance drama or happy family dramas spoken in the Chinese or Cantonese languages. Because theses languages of tone is very warm and friendly. I love them. I used to rent such videos from video shop at a affordable price. But now such shops are no longer around. So we now go online to search for them which is even more affordable now. So hip hip hurray!

So now what are my other hobbies? Is to go sight seeing. Yes! You feel the same too. Right?! So very welcome to my channel! And also coloring. I upload all my coloring pieces onto Youtube. If you are interested to know more about it, you are always welcome. And next hobby is singing. I love singing so much, so much more than coloring! I feel good when I sings. Thanks so much to whoever teaches me how to sing, truly sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart. I sometimes do feel sorry for the singers because I always sing in my own way editing the songs’ lyrics to my own — one can see and listen to my singing in the Youtube. Thank you for your support. So thats about it to my hobbies — sightseeing, coloring and singing.

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