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I am back with my views and learning about HEART Framework. What it means and why it is so important for any company to realize the power of this framework. HEART framework was designed by Kerry…


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Road to Halloween

On the road to Halloween
Leaving for a nowhere trip
Digging under the dried leaves bed
Foraging the still warm soil
Trying to find where has summer gone
Once the sun has gone down

In an out of the way park,
Wait till the dark night spirits come
Get swirled away in the insane dances
Tarantellas, farandolas, and gigs,
and … devilish tangos
with them old trolls and leprechauns
with Tinkerbelle and Peter Pan,
and all the other ones
get all carried away
in an hellish saraband

without minding it at all
flying up on the silvery wings
of a gigantic night butterfly
twirling all around the sky
like tomorrrow never comes
to the oh so heavenly sounds
of the devilish Piper’s flute
dreamy sexxy melodies

on a cold lake riverbed
unreally so softly landing
and look at the heavenly Piper
dreamily walking up North
without even turning back
disappearing into the woods
under the dark light of the Rising Moon

Photo by Mr G7

This was originally written in French in the fall of 2014, after my friend and bandmate Yves the flutist left this world for good. It was initially published on Facebook.

The end of the poem, starting at the part about flying on the wings of a gigantic butterfly, is directly inspired by a dream I had of him the night after I learned about his untimely death.

I translated the poem to English in the fall of 2016, a month or so after the second anniversary of his death, and published it on my old Medium account.

The photo at the end of the poem is a rare one of him and I playing together, and one of the few I have of me playing the bass. The photo was shot by Mr G7 the guitarist of the trio we used to be…

Speaking of which, Mr G7 and I are now a duo, this gig has been going on and off since the end of 2016 when we reunited.

Last week we started going to a practice studio that can be rented by the hour, we’re going there again tomorrow, and we’ll take pictures this time. I’ll be writing about that eventually.

Talk about rising from the ghost repository…Happy Halloween…and if you don’t believe in ghosts…don’t worry they believe in you

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