Once single and lost

Once single and lost Now engaged, soon-to-be bride And very much loved.. “Once single and lost” is published by Shyrwyn.


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Can this New Idea Take Flight?

Eviation is a company based out of Israel that plans to build self-sustaining aviation vehicles that resemble a plane. These planes with have no pilot, fly close to 300 mph, and seat around 9 passengers. The company is describing this new form of transportation as “Uber meets Tesla in the sky”. This could create a new form of transportation that solves various problems we have today.

The Eviation company had the most successful pitch out of their five other competitors. They were faced before a panel of three judges who threw plenty of questions before them. Another company originally got the judges vote, but Eviation won over the audience. Eviation will be working diligently to create this new air travel that will bring efficiency and save time and money for consumers.

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