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Red Light and Speeding Cameras in Chicago

Can placement of red light and speeding cameras reveal certain areas targeted.

By Matthew Stromidlo

Red light and speeding cameras have never received much praise from the people of Chicago. The idea that you could be ticketed with no officer actually stopping you seems unfair to most. This past March however, the Illinois House Rules Committee passed a bill banning the red light cameras. Interesting however, is the placement of the cameras. Some areas of Chicago seem to be barren wastelands while others have a camera nearly every couple of blocks.

We see that there is a large collection of the cameras in the Northern part of Chicago. We have even seen some people say that there is racial connection to the cameras. This is likely because of how they are placed heavily in neighborhoods that are of mixed races. Overall, there has been said there is no connection between minority neighborhoods and a higher concentration.

One area, Garfield Ridge, has none which is my own area. For a neighborhood that is generally middle class it is interesting to see that there are no cameras. We have accidents similar to other parts of Chicago so if it was for safety shouldn't we see even dispersion among dangerous intersections.

I think more importantly is just how many we have in our city altogether. The lobbying was so heavy for the cameras stating that they were all about safety. Unfortunately, it wasn’t about safety however and instead involved in many fraudulent situations.

The banning of the red-light cameras is a victory for many who see them as immoral and even un-constitutional. This leaves a question for if we should see the same action with speeding cameras. Many people believe we should have actual police enforcing these tickets, and not private companies.

Whether or not the speeding cameras will go away remains a question. Certainly many believe that we should do away with them same as the red light cameras. The fact that certain areas are targeted more on wealth and possibly their demographics is unfair to many. I think it is also important for states to find honest ways for revenue instead of hiring private companies to incorporate cheap money making schemes.

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