Writing Multiple Articles Per Day is Easy if You Know This

I see everyone on Medium talking about their process for writing an article per day, two per day, five per week, and so on. I applaud everyone’s effort and understand that it takes something to put…


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Comparison between modern frontend framework

A developers future success depends on the choice of modern frontend frameworks. Number of new frontend framework increases day by day. IN this article I would like to present the modern frontend framework.

In those days new frontend frameworks increase more flexibility and simplify the work of the developers . Modern frontend frameworks decrease the rate of security threats. lets talk about some of the most popular modern frontend frameworks.

it was created by Evan you. This framework has two-way reactive data binding and also doesn’t demand any extra libaries.it is extremely flexible framework. A recent survey said that 16.1% of developers are wiling to developing with it.

the original angular framework was developed in 2010 and released in 2016 by google. Angular is full of new kind of dev tools and features.it is component based architecture. It has some learning difficulties for the junior developers. Because he has to learn components, modules, dependency injection, and many other things.

Nowadays UI frameworks such as React, Angular, and Vue.js have gained their top positions at the market share.

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