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Open the country softly, but carry a big bottle of sanitizer (apologies to Teddy Roosevelt). And, of course, wear a mask when outside your home and around other people. Debates are raging around the…


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ADHD in Children

Symptoms to pay attention to in your child.

The process analysis aspect of this post is to go more in depth into the process of finding a doctor that is right for the parent and child and that will go about diagnosing your kid the right way without the issue of over-diagnosis. As well as getting the most effective treatment for your child. Analyzing the effects as well on the different kinds of treatment options on your child.

Side one says that natural remedies such as yoga, and eating a healthy diet are more beneficial in helping children with ADHD because they are too young to make the decision for themselves if they want to take medicine. The opposing side says that stimulant medicine is the better treatment since it is more recommended by doctors despite the side effects. Overall the comparison of medicine versus behavioral treatments to see the better option is the big picture.

Overall, the issue is the overdiagnosis of ADHD by doctors as well as finding the most effective treatment. Other behavioral disorders such as learning disorders, anxiety, and depression may also coexist alongside ADHD.

The root of the problem is the overdiagnosis of ADHD in adolescence which in turn allows for doctors to be able to prescribe more medicine. As well as another issue is that since children can not make the decision for themselves if they want to take stimulant medication since they are young, behavioral treatment options are available for parents and their child.

In conclusion, the process of my paper will be split into defining ADHD as a whole, ADHD specifically in adolescence, the overdiagnosis of ADHD, and the different treatments for ADHD.

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