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Putting An End to Your Hip and Knee Pain Naturally

To aid in complex movement, the hips and knees have a multitude of tendons, muscles, and joints linked together. It can be tough to perform daily tasks if you have an injury (and consequent discomfort) in a specific location.

Physical therapy, fortunately, can assist you in a variety of methods in permanently resolving your hip and knee pain. To learn more about how a qualified physical therapist may help you manage your pain, call our office right now.

The knees and hips are frequently affected by a variety of disorders. Repetitive motion, acute damage, or chronic disease can all cause these problems. The following are the most common causes of hip and knee pain:

Your physical therapist will evaluate your condition and create an individualized treatment plan to meet your specific needs. Range of motion and strength measurements may be taken during the physical therapy evaluation.

Physical therapy treatments can help you stay as active and pain-free as possible. To cure your specific ailment, one of our highly-trained physical therapists will build a personalized treatment plan for you.


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